Patrick Marold
Patrick Marold, has been working as an artist and primarily a sculptor since earning a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1997. His artistic development has consistently maintained an intimate connection to landscape, galvanizing our relationship with the environment through sculpture and spatial intercessions. Refinement of his practice has been pursued in locations in North America and abroad through various commissions and exhibits. He has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards including a 2000 Fulbright Fellowship in Iceland where he began to more fully direct his energies to creating works which utilize spatial dynamics to generate an enhanced perception of light and movement.

In 2007, Marold received international attention for The Windmill Project, a temporary landscape installation in Vail, Colorado, which seeded a local valley with a mass of light-generating turbines committed to capturing and visualizing the choreography of the wind through a unique landscape. Notably, he recently completed the Shadow Array at the Denver International Airport, a monumental exterior sculptural installation consisting of salvaged beetle-kill spruce logs that engages the viewer with the western sun. Diversity in setting, scale, and technical realization has provided Marold with the opportunities to apply his vision across a broad range of sites while preserving a unity of vision.

Marold maintains a studio Denver, and continues working to invite the viewer to consider new orientations of space, materials, physical forces, and their impact on personal and communal perception. His next major commission, the Solar Drones for Canada’s National Music Centre, will bind the characteristics of the Calgary sky with the interior of the new building through a visual and acoustic experience constructed from flood damaged pianos.

Shadow Array, 2015 Denver International Airport |
Click here to see Video of the sculpture during the day and at nighttime with lighting.

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