Mia Mulvey | Ancients

Artist Statement
Ancients With its roots in natural history and science my work is an exploration of wonder and discovery. Wonder is not a static moment but a process of moving from the unfamiliar towards understanding. It is within this active space that my interests lie, both in the work and in my studio practice.

Utilizing digital tools such as photo-based 3D scanning (photogrammetry) and 3D printing have enabled me to explore a level of fact and realism whose output is simultaneously poetic and scientific.

In this body of work my process utilizes field research and photogrammetry to map the forms of ancient trees. Trees in varying parts of the world, trees with names whose histories are 1,000 - 10,000 years old or more. These forms, living stationary and still, preserve the evidence of time. Each layer recording its days and wrapping around all that came before. Layering becomes both a physical and conceptual indicator of the environment, process and time.
Mia Mulvey

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