Martha Russo | circumvolo
Exhibition Statement
All of my work is purposefully obscure.
It is just out of the grasp of language and thus brings us back to our rudimentary way of collecting information through the body and the senses. Although my work is steeped in the ceramics’ process, it eschews the traditions and history of the precious material. Rather, the works embrace the precarious. The pieces extend into space, hover in mid-air, barely hold on, pile up, and are sometimes on the verge of disappearing into dust. The chameleon-like properties of clay and, specifically, its tenuous nature speak to the immediacy and transient nature of the fragility of life. Coupled with this quietness, the sculptural accretions have a certain energy and force that further connect us to our roots and our origins.

All the works in circumvolo, Latin for hover, play with gravity in some way. The large sculptures cut through the air and the small collections live on, under, and over shelves to create a sense of generative proliferation. Everything in our physical and biological worlds is a massive collection of small parts that make up larger gestalts of what is around us and who we are.

Ultimately, I want my works to get into your bones and guts, to touch on the raw, the visceral, the nerves; to murmur up through the body to make a time and place for contemplation and reflection about our basic humanness.

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